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Черное Море Болгарии:

Лучшие черноморские курорты Болгарии: Приглашаем Вас посетить солнечную и щедрую Болгарию. The two largest cities and main seaports on the black sea coast of Bulgaria-Varna (the third largest in the country) and Burgas (the fourth largest in the country). In 2007, all roads proved inadequate to handle an unexpected surge of Romanian motorists looking for all inclusive deals in Easter and may day vacations, causing massive traffic jams and accidents. This will be the point at which significant wind movement of sand could occur since the normal waves do not wet the sand beyond this area. In addition, the Trakia motorway (A1) was completed in 2013, providing quick access between Burgas and Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, Plovdiv, second largest city. Designed initially for 13,000 hotel beds, it is over 30,000 beds reported in 2007; according to Varna tourist chamber sources, the actual figure is much higher [1], by some unverified critical estimates even approaching 90,000. The beach was expanded in 2007 using rocks and sand that was removed when digging out for the Marina. In old-growth forests between ancient Odessos and Dionysopolis were first mentioned by Pliny as the birthplace of mythical dwarfs, visited by the Argonauts. Just North is perhaps the most famous gay beach in the country. In the part mostly above water (depending upon tide), and more or less actively influenced by the waves at some point the tide turns, called Bank barrows. The cave monastery Aladzha, 3 km to the West, was a monastic center since the ancient times of the second Bulgarian Kingdom.

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Описание В здании 3 лифта, 10 этажей, 214 номеров. Расположение В северной части комплекса, на самом берегу мо...


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